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Here Comes the Sun!

The past two weekends here have been awesome!! Even though spring is right around the corner, I know that here in the PNW (for those not acronym savvy that translates to the pacific northwest) we will still have to wait quite a while for consistent warm weather. Everyone out here sure does know how to enjoy the sun though! I love that something as simple as a warm (more than 45 degrees), sunny day is not looked over here in Washington. The second the sun is out there are folks hiking, children enjoying the playground, and wildlife out and about. Last weekend we went for a small hike walk around the town of Dupont. The Sequalitchew Creek Trail (mouthful I know) is where we started and it took us down to beautiful views of the Puget Sound.

If you went off the trail a little you went onto another trail so that you ended up walking along side the Puget Sound. After about 2 miles, the trail stopped at a neighborhood. We enjoyed looking at historic homes and some newer ones too. There was an open house, so of course we had to go in and check it out. :) 

This Saturday morning the hubby and I met up with a good friend to run in Dupont. There is a running community that gets together every Saturday morning to honor those who have served in the military. It was touching to see everyone gathered together to remember those who had sacrificed their lives since 2001. If you have the time I would highly encourage you to take a moment to read through their website. Although my run was more like a walk/jog the whole 3 miles, I am going to get myself back into the running thing! My goal is to be able to run the 3 mile without stopping in a month. Maybe if I put it out in the blogging world, I will feel accountable. Maybe.... ;)

snapped a quick photo while on the run
What have you been doing lately to enjoy the weather, whatever kind you may be having?

PS: Don't forget it's time to spring forward :)

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Day 28: Night

Watching a little Big Bang Theory before bed :)
I can't believe February is over and March is here! This means the photo challenge is over. Hope you all enjoyed reading the posts as much as I enjoyed putting up pictures!!

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Day 27: Doodle

I love doodling (is that a word?) while listening to sermons/lectures because it helps me to focus. Weird? Maybe! Pin It Now!

Day 26: Inside My Bathroom Cabinet

Not sure who decided this one but here ya go...

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Day 25: Squeeze

My main squeeze :) 

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Day 24: Listening To

Missed sermons from the past 2 weeks.

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