Release the Houuuuuunds

Good Evening friends!! I hope everyone’s weekend was wonderful. Ours was a ton of fun!

Friday was an exciting day for two reasons. The first thing that happened was I spent the afternoon with a friend from Bible study so she could help me pick out some yard art. 

Here is what we bought:

About where they will go.
Now I just need to buy some soil and plant away!!
The second event that happened on Friday was that we got a puppy!! He’s a super sweet, really big 7 ½ month old German Shepherd. His name is very German.....Von Stueben. I just called him Von. Ben and I are keeping him for an army family until August. This works out great because it will be a trial run for having a dog in our house. I was nervous about getting a puppy because our yard is SO TINY. Even though we live two miles away from a dog park, I wasn’t sure how feasible it would be to take a puppy there every day. Playing in a yard is obviously way more convenient lol Also, I have wanted a German Shepherd for a while but I have never owned one so this will be a great opportunity to see if this breed fits with our lifestyle!! So far so good :) He needs so much exercise. Ben runs him for 5-6 miles in the morning and then I walk him for 2 hours in the afternoon and then we walk him in the evening for a mile or so. Seesh! I’m going to be fit in no time!!

Von beating me in tug-o-war.

Getting him to jump -- if you notice my face...I might have been a little afraid of him getting me accidentally lol

Pretty, pretty puppy!! I LOVE his ears.

Bought a dog bed for $5!! WootHoo for sales!! He hasn't quite figured it out yet and just sits half-on, half-off.

On Saturday we had a great time in Seattle. Ben and I went with some people from our Bible study to take the Underground Tour of Seattle. It was a lot of fun learning about the city and its beginnings. Fun fact from the tour….before changing the cities name to Seattle, it’s original name was Duwamps. What a horrible name!! I’m glad it changed because I’m not sure it would have made it as a city with that. I mean really, could you imagine saying with excitement – “I can’t wait to go into the city today, Duwamps has so much to do.” Yeah, I didn’t think so!!  Ben and I also got to meet up with my sister, Maggie, up in Duwamps Seattle. It was such a nice surprise to know that she was coming up for the weekend. It was a fun Starbuck date. 

Sunday after church we went to a teeny town called Raymond. The drive was really pretty. It took about an hour to get there. We went to this small town because Ben, hopelessly obsessed with Craigslist, found a guy who wanted to trade his compound bow for a gun. Lucky for us, we had a pistol to trade. Look out deer in September…BE AFRAID!! I would just like to say that even though we have used craigslist a ton, this has to be by far one of the sketchiest looking deals that we have done. We met the guy in the back of a DQ parking lot and they looked at the weapons from the back of our trunk. That is where the deed was done…the trunk of our Toyota!! Sketchy!! 

 I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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I Really Lilac You!!

Since the weather is getting a little nicer and Spring has "arrived", I decided our house needed some color!! I want to plant some flowers and the only problem is.....


So, now that I have admitted my problem maybe someone out there would help?! I did start my gardening endeavor by weeding. UGH! I need to buy round-up lol I attempted to plant some seeds BUT it will take 60 days to see results. I have a feeling I won't see anything but for $1 I thought I would give it a shot. Don't even ask what the flower was...I forget already and threw away the package. Oops! They did look pretty on the package though :)

Here are pictures of our "yard" and "front lawn." Just thought I'd point out where the sun hit. Apparently certain flowers need more sun than others. 0_o     Any ideas would be amazing!!

This is our side yard. It gets full sun for most of the day (when it's not raining lol).

Area in our side yard with the patio. This also gets full sun for most of the day.

As you can see, the front of our house has some plants but I want COLOR!! Can you plant flowers (or something with color, doesn't have to be a flower) where there is no sun?? To the right of the rock river is our neighbor's yard.

The other side of the front of the house. To the left of the rock river is the neighbor's yard.
We have mulch where there is no grass and underneath the mulch is this light gray and rocky dirt.

Do I need to buy soil?

Should I buy seeds?

Or flowers that already bloomed and I just put in the ground?

Please help the gardening challenged :) Please and Thank You!!

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