Release the Houuuuuunds

Good Evening friends!! I hope everyone’s weekend was wonderful. Ours was a ton of fun!

Friday was an exciting day for two reasons. The first thing that happened was I spent the afternoon with a friend from Bible study so she could help me pick out some yard art. 

Here is what we bought:

About where they will go.
Now I just need to buy some soil and plant away!!
The second event that happened on Friday was that we got a puppy!! He’s a super sweet, really big 7 ½ month old German Shepherd. His name is very German.....Von Stueben. I just called him Von. Ben and I are keeping him for an army family until August. This works out great because it will be a trial run for having a dog in our house. I was nervous about getting a puppy because our yard is SO TINY. Even though we live two miles away from a dog park, I wasn’t sure how feasible it would be to take a puppy there every day. Playing in a yard is obviously way more convenient lol Also, I have wanted a German Shepherd for a while but I have never owned one so this will be a great opportunity to see if this breed fits with our lifestyle!! So far so good :) He needs so much exercise. Ben runs him for 5-6 miles in the morning and then I walk him for 2 hours in the afternoon and then we walk him in the evening for a mile or so. Seesh! I’m going to be fit in no time!!

Von beating me in tug-o-war.

Getting him to jump -- if you notice my face...I might have been a little afraid of him getting me accidentally lol

Pretty, pretty puppy!! I LOVE his ears.

Bought a dog bed for $5!! WootHoo for sales!! He hasn't quite figured it out yet and just sits half-on, half-off.

On Saturday we had a great time in Seattle. Ben and I went with some people from our Bible study to take the Underground Tour of Seattle. It was a lot of fun learning about the city and its beginnings. Fun fact from the tour….before changing the cities name to Seattle, it’s original name was Duwamps. What a horrible name!! I’m glad it changed because I’m not sure it would have made it as a city with that. I mean really, could you imagine saying with excitement – “I can’t wait to go into the city today, Duwamps has so much to do.” Yeah, I didn’t think so!!  Ben and I also got to meet up with my sister, Maggie, up in Duwamps Seattle. It was such a nice surprise to know that she was coming up for the weekend. It was a fun Starbuck date. 

Sunday after church we went to a teeny town called Raymond. The drive was really pretty. It took about an hour to get there. We went to this small town because Ben, hopelessly obsessed with Craigslist, found a guy who wanted to trade his compound bow for a gun. Lucky for us, we had a pistol to trade. Look out deer in September…BE AFRAID!! I would just like to say that even though we have used craigslist a ton, this has to be by far one of the sketchiest looking deals that we have done. We met the guy in the back of a DQ parking lot and they looked at the weapons from the back of our trunk. That is where the deed was done…the trunk of our Toyota!! Sketchy!! 

 I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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