Happy Fall Y'all

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Fall is definitely here and I couldn't be more excited. I love the change of color in the leaves and the cool, crisp air. This also means things like pumpkin spice lattes (YUM) and apple picking! The only thing this fall is missing is C-L-E-M-S-O-N football. It feels weird not to be able to get up on a Saturday morning and get ready for a game. 


This Saturday we had a girl's day at the Uncorked Canvas, enjoying an afternoon of wine and painting.

 The artist with their beautiful paintings :)

In what ways are you embracing fall? Or are you still holding onto the few days of warmer weather remembering those hot summer days?

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Labor Day Weekend

How was everyone's Labor Day weekend??

Mine was both awesome and sad all at the same time. Saturday Ben and I went on a small hike with some people from our community group. The day was absolutely perfect. It was only a 2.5mile round-trip hike, the river views were so pretty.

Holding up the boulder :)
Squeezing into a tiny hole.
Huge Salmon swimming upstream. Way cool.
View of Lake Cushman on the drive back.
Here comes the sad part... 
Sunday I had to drop Ben off for another training session. Ugh.

On the bright side, at least he is staying in the state this time:) Sunday after church several of us went out for lunch in downtown Olympia. Afterwards a few of us walked around something called Harbor Days.It is a festival in downtown that celebrates maritime heritage. It's been going on every Labor Day since 1973! There were so many different tug boats. It was a lot of fun!

On Monday, 7 of us went hiking in Mt. Rainier. This hike was on the opposite side of the mountain then the hike Ben and I had done on the Monday before.  We were so blessed on this hike not to see any clouds in the sky. Such a perfect view of Mount Rainier!! The hike was a 2.5 mile round-trip trek up to two different lakes. The first was Bench Lake where we got amazing reflection views of the mountain and also stopped for lunch. The second was Snow Lake. A very beautiful lake made from the snow surrounding it melting in to form the lake. For some absurd reason, We decided that we would ignore the name of Snow Lake and swim in it! (: It was by far the coldest I have ever felt! My feet literally felt like they were on fire. Such a weird feeling. Strangely, immediately after getting out of the water it felt good. Almost like my bones were warming up. I would so do it again though. Great memories!!

Reflection of Mt. Rainier off of Bench Lake
Our lunch view! How lucky were we?!

Saw snow......had to play in it :)

Who needs a sled?!
Snow Lake
Getting ready to jump in...maybe debating on not jumping at all!
Warming up in the sun afterwards.

 What did you do to enjoy your Labor Day weekend?

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