Military 101

As we enter our first year of military life, meet other military families and even those who don't know much about the military, I thought it would be a good idea to write down what we have learned so far.

> make sure you keep every receipt if you are expecting to be reimbursed by them. I recommend getting several envelopes and organizing them by moves/trips/etc.
> many business have military discounts...ASK!! Places like Lowe's has 10% off purchases and I believe some airlines have free baggage check-ins. Also, sometimes even if they don't have a discount they might throw in something for free. Gotta love saving money :)
> I loved having the military move us!
> Hurry up and Wait. It's a phrase to get very familiar with.
> I love to plan and have exact dates for most things....for the most part I've had to learn to let go!! You never know what kind of training is planned and it seems like they don't either until the last moment.
> Take advantage of where you are stationed!! Make a bucket list of the area and make date nights out of the items on the list.
>Make friends!! I have met several women who don't make friends because they don't think it's worth the time to invest. It totally is! Even if you are only stationed somewhere for 6 months, you don't want to isolate yourself!! 

I am sure I will add more when I think of them. These were just the few that popped up on the top of my head. I know that we have so much more to learn in the military life and I can't wait to have many more years of those experiences! If anyone has any questions, I will try my best to answer them!

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